Sunday, December 22, 2013


The plan to post (almost) every day in December didn't get far. Eight posts and it's now December 22, and my last post was eight days ago.

There were Decembers many years ago when the ambition was to bake a batch of cookies almost every day, until there were nine or ten or twelve different kinds--enough for a morning cookie party with other moms, enough to make impressive platefuls for teachers and friends.

Perhaps I need recipes for blog posts.

Searched my computer for files with the word "write" in the file name. As in "ideas to write about," i.e., recipes for blog posts.

Yes, there is such a file. Here's an abridged version:

Dementia—what it takes away
The rabbit hole I live in (and I am Alice)
Crying in church
Yeast dough—simple, exotic, satisfying, contentment
Looking back at mothers with little babies and toddlers
Making a female God a habit of mind
Spirit, breath, and breathing
Spiritual dead times—surviving them
Christmas cookies—why I need to make 12 kinds.

So it's back to the cookies. Better go check how much butter is in the fridge.

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