Wednesday, December 04, 2013


I'm on a post-every-day-in-December project. Or almost every day, since I already skipped yesterday.

It's a writing exercise--write every day is what you're supposed to do to build your writing muscles. Like work out every day, practice every day, eat five fruits and vegetables every day.

I don't do any of those things every day, or even more often than not. I do however, repent this every day. Or almost every day, but repentance does not easily turn into the discipline to exercise more and eat less.

What do I do every day or almost day? Read the New York Times online, help my daughter, talk to people, work, watch TV, knit. Not bad habits, but passive ones.

Luther would tell me (this blog does have Luther in its title) to make the sign of the cross daily, to confess my sins, to put away the old Adam (old Eve?--maybe that's tomorrow's post), and remember my baptism. Luther's catechism also reminds me that God richly and daily provides all I need.

Richly and daily--sounds like a mindfulness mantra. I'll try it out today.

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