Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Sunday evening, August 12

Twilight, which is about sky, high
above shadows, light beyond tears.

Water, which is no color at
all, reflecting sky, twilight sky.

I, in the shadows, with shallow
Breath, damp weight and wooly sweater.

Lift me to sky and I will sing.
Calm me as water, I will sleep.

Morning prayer

Morning sky, smooth and blue,
Make me more like you,
Clear and mild, like a child,
Trusting what is true.

Bugs and birds, gentle sound,
Heard, not to be found,
Chirping out, sing and shout,
God is all around.

Trees so tall and so old
Straight and bent have told
Reaching high into sky
Peace and calm enfold.

Water spread vast and wide
Touching sky on every side
Here on land, understand
I am mystified.