Monday, July 11, 2016


Nothing like distance to heighten one's sense of the ridiculous. 

I coined that little saying yesterday and was rather proud of myself for doing so. It sounded great at the moment, but as I think about it, it's really not all that smart. It's a simple tautology, a statement that is repetitive and circular in its logic. Absolutely you have to take that step back and create or acknowledge some distance in order to see the contradictions that make something funny. At the same time, taking the step back makes a break in how you view something and the step all by itself calls forth laughter. 

It's the WTF moment. Or the one where your dog is looking at you and tilts his head about 30 degrees to the left. Yeah? Really? Ya' think?

Please know that there's an inner smile growing in the part of my brain that is watching the part that is writing this stuff. If I analyze this much longer I will have to laugh at myself and then I will lose all faith in the writing of this blog post. 

What I really wished to write about was how distance and a sense of the ridiculous lighten social situations. Chatting, talking, giving, receiving, but not being trapped or defined by that moment. Is his a start on what  a Buddhist might mean by non-attachment? Which is, at the same time, mindful? You see, you engage, you're there in the moment, but others do not define you. You are someone, something else. And you are laughing with joy.

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Liz Thompson said...

Yes. This.