Thursday, November 08, 2012

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The election is over. It's taken a lot of hours out of my life.

Time to move on to other pressing questions. Feel free to chime in with answers. 'Cause I need to know.

1) Why does the dishwasher no longer get the dishes clean? I've got brand-name detergent, rinse stuff, careful loading, and I'm even cleaning the gunk out of the bottom fairly regularly. But I don't know what's going on or not going on in there. Makes me want to go out and spend $$$ on a new one. Simple but expensive solution. Alternate solution: stop washing plastic stuff in the dishwasher. That stuff and the coffee cups are what's not getting clean.

2) What's a good filing system for bits and pieces of related information on the computer? Can I put it all in one place so it doesn't take so many clicks to retrieve it when I need it? If I had such place, could I actually train myself to use it? I'm not very good about putting things away.

3) How am I going to cast this show I want to produce in January? Young people, old people, in-between people--gotta have bodies. Gotta personally recruit those bodies.

4) What kinds of loops will I make on the sweater that's been finished since July--except for the buttons and loops? Do I crochet them? Would I-cord be too fat? How do I made sure they stay put and don't pop and break? Is it possible the loops are not getting made because I'm not wanting to sew on nine buttons?

5) Must I make mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner?

6) How little sleep does a fifty-eight-year-old woman really need?

7) Where are those yellow baby booties I knit years ago? The shower's tomorrow! Dare I open the big chest with all the yarn in it? What new projects might result?

Stay tuned. Oobla-dee, oobla-dah, life goes on.

(One more question: why do I have to put all the line-break codes in myself when I use this text editor? Annoying.)

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