Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Lusty Month

May arrived early this morning with bright blue, clear skies.

I looked out the bedroom window and went back to sleep.

Now, mid-day, it's cloudy. The flush of morning coffee has worn off, with only one load of laundry underway and a few miscellaneous computer tasks completed. We need a new mower to cut the dandelions that are eight inches deep in the backyard. And the spring cold/allergy thing in my head and throat has thickened and settled.

Such is the rhythm of Saturday. How soon before I can go back to sleep?

There is hope on the horizon. Kurt has gone off to buy charcoal, to grill hamburgers. You gotta love a kid who cooks for himself and shares with his old mom. And then it will be time for me to head off to the fabric store, for the pink glittery fabric that will become Eliza's prom dress--part her fantasy, part mine.

There may yet be life in this lusty month of lilacs and leafy green.

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